Far-right party wins seats in Germany’s parliament and come in third place in national election, last week.

Alexander Gauland, federal spokesman for the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, Alternative for Germany (AfD) promised his party would provide staunch opposition to the new government, likely led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, adding: “We will hunt them. We will hunt Mrs. Merkel or whomever. And we will take back our country and our people.”

For an advertisement shoot I’m currently in East Germany’s Sachsen where the AfD party got even more than 20% of the overall votes. The disappointment of the people of Merkel’s politics runs very deep and let to much more popularity of radical right-wing ideas.

On the streets you can still see the election posters everywhere and many of the traditional party’s posters are vandalized. On the pictures I shot you can see messages sprayed on the posters in very bad German: “In fear for [our] women and children – AfD”, “Traitor” and “It’s enough”.