The “Group of Communities in Kurdistan” (KCK) passed an unilateral truce against Turkey to calm down the situations within the state to not endanger the voting process for the reelection of the Turkish parliament, where the HDP, which is in favor of the Kurds, was seen as the party which could be in the situation to attack AKP‘s rule once again. Nevertheless the results of the reelection are showing an AKP that retrieved their absolute majority, getting 50.0 % of all votes, what makes them able to rule alone without to have to build a coalition which basically means more suppressions against the Kurds. Quickly first corroborative evidence reached the public what puts the AKP under strong suspicion of vote rigging, but that didn’t stopped them to reinforce the war against the Kurds as one of their first measures.

On the 5th of November the KCK revoked their unilateral truce officially and again shouldered arms against Turkey. It also anounced to increase urban warfares in Turkish cities not only with more support for their own armed youth movement (YDG-H), but also sending professional soldiers to lead these battles more effectively in the future.

On the 6th of November heavy gunfights happened in the neighbourhood of Sur in Diyarbakır which has always been a focal point for conflict between Turkey’s government and its Kurdish population. During the exchange of fire I had the chance to be very close to the YDG-H troops, who fought embittered against special forces of the Turkish police.

The police had surrounded the Kurdish troops wide-ranging with street tanks and heavy armed police and civilian forces, covering all entrances to the gunfight area, blocking streets and searched passerby. Shop owners in this district had to close their business, so you saw abandoned streets where normally is hustle and bustle.