Two weeks ago government opposed and Kurdish lawyer, Tahir Elçi, was shot in the head during a press conference in the neighbourhood of Sur, Diyarbakır. Before Elçi was detained several times and received death threats after saying the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) should not be regarded as a terrorist organization.

The investigation committee of the chamber of lawyers is complaining about a lack of accuracy and accuses the official investigations led by the police intelligence service, where two members of the police are the main suspects, to suppress evidence and to be biased. Many indications like outstanding video footage and so on are leading to a possible scenario wherein the death was staged by the Turkish police, to cover the murder of public enemy Tahir Elçi.

In the following week anti-government protests all over Turkey with crowds shouting “You can’t kill us all” followed and faced excessive police brutality. The Turkish state then imposed a curfew in Sur (a.o.) which brought up protests in all central municipalities of Diyarbakır.

Now after a two-week curfew the Kurdish public was shocked becoming clear of the desolated and heavily destroyed condition of Sur district what again entailed to more anger and resulted in an even harder embittered fighting in the streets, opening a civil war.

The KCK called on the people to reclaim their houses, streets, neighborhoods, towns and lands in response to this displacement policy of the Turkish state. Stressing that the only response to these policies should be insistence on resisting in houses, streets villages, neighborhoods and lands, the KCK added; “Leaving our houses means accepting death in the first place. ‘Loving life enough to die for it’ has been the main principle of the Kurdish people and our leader Öcalan. It is not possible to create a free and democratic life in Kurdistan by acting and feeling otherwise. Let’s not leave these lands for which thousands of martyrs have sacrificed their lives. Sur is the spirit of Amed (Diyarbakir) and Kurdistan. Let’s not hand over this spirit to the perpetrators of cultural genocide. Let’s liberate this spirit of Amed and Kurdistan that has been created by our history and 40 years of great struggle.”

Before curfew and right before the reelections of the Turkish parliament I was in Sur which is considered a key district of Diyarbakir. On this day I followed the mayor of Diyarbakir, Feleknas Uca, representing the associated party HDP. The people of Sur were full of hope and really optimistic about the upcoming reelections, so I faced really relaxed residents and a calm neighborhood.

In the last two weeks 7 people died and more over 200.000 people left their homes in Diyarbakir.

See photos of the armed Kurdish forces against the Police special forces in Sur district: HERE.