It’s about those stories, that make you sleepless. Stories, that question all what you’ve done, no matter what you were able to gain in life. You don’t bring yourself in such a situation on purpose. More than that, many of unforseen events must suddenly lead in one direction and this particular time always will be the worst moment you might wish for. You don’t know what I’m talking about? There are people who’ll never experience something like that, but if you consider yourself as one who is devoted in passion and work up curiosity, then you will definitely find yourself at some point, where you won’t know what you’re doing at all, but this circumstance will exactly be the reason of your actions. Sooner or later…

My trip to the Southern European archipelagic state Malta was an unforseen event like I mentioned. It was in a time where I was feeling really comfortable with my job-related stuff, however my emotional side was so unstable lasting for months, that I was the first candidate for a mental breakdown. I felt so helpless and uncertain, even more because normally I’m kind of a strong man, also in an emotional way. This time, like so often, I was escaping into photography and bespreaded myself with all the facets, even until I felt no more breath of air. I was hiking through unknown Maltese regions, braving determined through moola and mud, being scattered of the winds to straighten up again and saw in all that destructive play the pure beauty of nature, which made me respire again. “Maybe you always have to suffer first, until you finally have the beauty on your side”, I was thinking.

The realisation of this series “Suna or Later” helped me to come to terms with my mind. Now I wouldn’t say that I’m done with it, but I hope that you draw new inspiration out of it like I did, cause this is acutually what it’s all about.