In Sweden‘s december right before New Year’s Eve it is fucking cold, but there is no better way to benefit from that than spending your time in Ribersborgs Kallbadhus of Malmö.

Entering the beautiful long boardwalk, walking towards this monumental old looking very sympathic beach cottage, watching the seagulls
flying so elegantly through the overclouded sky and being so stunned by this dramatic atmosphere, we soon recognized that this was nothing compared to the experience we will make inside this traditional swedish sauna place.

What sounds like a cheesy written advertisement is my honest conviction. It was really such a pleasure to be a guest in this house to let your body rest and soothe your soul; First chilling in the panorama windowed sauna, then diving into the fresh water of the Öresund ocean and after all that enjoying nature’s beauty at sunset where you vaguely discern the Öresund bridge at the horizon. It will be unforgetable!