Mount Lavinia is a suburb situated immediately south of the city center of Colombo and lies along the west coast of Sri Lanka.

A legend says that the city’s name derived from a local mestizo dancer with the name Lovina from the early 19th century who was smuggled into the mansion of the governor of Ceylon through a tunnel, so they can live together in love without being exposed to the public. He gave his estate her name and when the gypsy village developed into a modern bustling city, wich surrounded his mansion, it took its name from the beautiful Lovina as well.

I liked this lovely legend so much, that I decided to try a different approach of landscape photography, which was supposed to emphasize the beauty of this dancer Lovina. I faced the bay of Mount Lavinia and treated it like it’s an actual person, a beautiful woman in front of me. So I set up two lights and used them to create a similar mood which is very well known from beauty photography. Hope you like it.